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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Glazing Techniques

Did you know that it is easy to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom once you learn how to glaze? The cabinets can provide the kitchen with a totally new look as you glaze them.

This process is far from difficult and it is also inexpensive. With just a little direction, a lot of people are able to do the task on their own.

The glazing process offers different finishes, shades and motifs. These can provide the needed makeover for your kitchen or bath. Apart from the refreshing new look, the perfectly applied glaze can also raise your home’s value.

You can now instantly update old cabinets using some glazing techniques. Choose the right kind of stain or paint and you should be able to do this without error. There are many acrylic-based paints in the market these days that you can use for this project.

Oil-based paints and stains, however, are known to last longer and are able to provide a glaze that has a deeper luster.

With the stain in your hand, cover the surrounding floors and countertops with cloth. The cloth will catch the drips from your glazing stain or paint.

The glaze that you are going to use is a mixture of paint and a high degree solvent. This mixture is needed to achieve the tinted, transparent finish. If this is your first time to make the glaze, then make sure to have one part of paint mixed with four parts of water (for acrylic products). Use one part paint for every three parts of solvent if you decide to use oil-based products.

You may want to begin with the simplest glazing method which is the pinstripe glaze. This kind of glaze involves wiping away the glaze from specific areas of the cabinet surface or the door. This is a technique that allows highlighting the stunning aspects of the wood which is its grain.

Pinstripe glazing is all about improving the dull areas before as it accentuates and makes vibrant any wooden surface.

Fully wiping the glazes will not effectively highlight wood grain but would accentuate the cabinets and doors themselves. Fully-wiped glazes are used to create a more uniform appearance on shades and tints.

First, create the base by rolling on two coats of latex paint. Choose from satin, egg shell or pearl finish. Make sure that the base coat dries up for no less than 24 hours before you start glazing.

The next step is to apply the glaze coat. Use the mixture, thin with water where necessary, to coat the walls. Do this on every three-foot-square wall section. Use a large, natural bristle brush. Use horizontal, vertical and diagonal brush strokes in order to cover the base coat.

The last step is to create glazing effects. You can do this once you get the hang of glazing your walls. Texture effects requires several coats, with each coat being allowed to dry before the next application.

Office Space Planning

Mull Over the Design

Every office space needs to have an aesthetically pleasing yet practical space. The fusion of these two can bring about a great mood for the business, increasing productivity in the process.

The overall design will also become the company’s brand or identity, as well as a reflection of the business’ passion. The design is a key element in the success of the business yet it can sometimes be ignored.

The best space plan is one that has effectively allocated zones for separate groups with different working practices. Each team must have an easy access with all other teams and the resources.

The communal breakout area is becoming popular, as this is a place where various departments meet up and work in a comfortable and less structured setting. This is especially popular among the creative professions.

Executive offices are usually situated along the edge. This is a great way to utilize window space. The rest of the workforce is situated right in the middle – at least this is the traditional setting.

More and more designers are now looking into this kind of plan and whether it is really effective for the employees’ well-being. Executives are often away on meetings anyway so it makes more sense if their offices are relocated in the middle while the employees get a dose of sunshine along the edge. This window space utilization provides a potential in the creation of better working moods, thus, increasing worker output.

The open plan concept has been proven to improve the flow of communication in many offices. This means that even when subjected to heavy foot traffic, the work areas must still have ample distance from the traffic.

Certain systems may be optional such as a music system but where it is seen to improve the productivity, then it helps to set up one. Music can be soothing and there are many people who can work better when there is music playing in the background.

Furniture Layout Counts

Quality furniture is also important so it is best that the office pieces are purchased from a reputable company, one that specializes in supplying office furniture. Furniture layout must be designed in a manner that the mind and the body remain flexible.

Teams grow over time so a modular design is one of the concepts that can accommodate the office’s growing needs. Find comfortable seating, set up reliable acoustics, cable management, apply the best color and find durable office furniture. These may be separate factors but they are all important pieces on that big puzzle called the office setting.

About Stylish Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting choices are available online and at lighting showrooms. The best selection of are available by:

– Brand

– Size

– Type

– Color

– Finish

– Shade

– Style

– Material

The newest and best pendant fixtures is a stylish accent. Their eye-catching appeal is artistic design, color and a sleek finishing touch in a modern decor. Decorative pendants come in several varieties and styles.They are affordable and functional modern elegance for your rooms. And they can be used in a kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Gorgeous lighting adds luxury to love in your home. The best finishes are bronze, chrome, nickel, brushed steel, glass and wood. Modern colors such as black, blue, brown, gray, natural, silver and multi-color are pleasing options.

Different shade sizes, shapes and materials are decorative details for modern pendants. The latest shades styles are: frosted, Murano glass, lantern and mercury glass. Shade materials include metal, fabric, ceramic, silk and synthetic. These materials are special textures that have a luxury look. A modern selection of pendant lights are available in mini or small (12 inches or less), medium (13-22 inches wide) and large (31 inches) wide or more.

They are available by brand. Their prices range from $25 to $2,000 and up. Art glass, art shade, drum, mini-chandelier, swag and multi-light are pendant types for a contemporary home. The finest features are design elegance in a dining room, entryway or over a kitchen island.

Pendants with a designer shade, that have a caged look and vintage appeal add one-of-a-kind beauty. Those in pairs are unique and creative in a bathroom or bedroom. A fixture hung above a seating area or over a desk helps to define functional zones. An elegant pendant light installed near a chaise or in a dressing room has relaxing ambiance.

Home Decor Accents

Decorating the house is an expensive affair, some sensible buying can save you money and also decorate your house to become a home. Simply selecting the right kind of window treatment can change the look of the room along with matching table runners and contrasting cushion covers that just make your room come alive.

Not everybody has the aesthetic sense to decorate the house, but leading home decor portals display a wide range of home accessories for you to surf and choose from in addition to easy return policies if you do not like what you have purchased.

The look of the window can be changed with prairie curtains. Gone are the day when curtains were used to protect the room from light only. Today curtains add character to the room. Go organic when you choose from a wide range of prairie curtains to decorate your room. Measure the length and width of the window correctly before you place the order online or go to a store to purchase the curtains. Different colors and designs are available. Preferably choose cotton material with lining for a cooler room and a stylish, elegant look plus easy maintenance too.

Tables look nude, dress them up with table runners that match the curtains. This not only makes the room look lively but it protects the surface of the table too. Choose table runners made with 100% cotton as they look good and are easy to maintain as well.

Other home decor accessories include cushion covers and wall organizers with traditional, contemporary and graphic designs that have caught the fancy of most people. Wall organizers made from recycled canvas make a style statement from the wall where they are hung. Cushion covers too are made from recycling tarp which makes them durable, long lasting, water proof and earth friendly.

When you buy products that are recycled, you contribute to the environment. Go organic, go green, look for products that are recycled. Not only are they affordable but stylish too.Shop online from the comfort of your home, look for good deals and free shipping with easy return policy and give your home a new look by decorating it in style at affordable prices.