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Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Hidden Risk of Residential Bay and Bow Windows

Installing bay and bow windows calls for a lot of skills and experience on the part of the window installer as these windows become permanent additions to the house and influences the weight and stability of the exterior walls. The expertise you employ is the final determinant of this.

In this case, because you are the sole decision maker, you should be well informed about various pros and limitations as well as any hidden risks associated with bay and bow windows Toronto projects. However, before that, let’s understand what the bow is and what is bay.

  1. What Are Bay Windows?

Basically, these are three or four-panel external windows which project to the exterior side of the house. The two panels are operable to let air in and out and can be fixed into double hung or casement windows. The centre panel is permanently attached. Depending on the manufacturing style, a bay window can be designed to have a seat or just as a walk -in window.

  1. What Are Bow Windows?

Unlike bay windows, these consist of four to six-panel windows which project to the outside-resembling a bow-to the exterior home. There is no universal way to install operable windows in a bow. Some homeowners opt to have all panels stay fixed. Typically, a bow is a walk-in window.

The main defining feature of the bow and bay windows Toronto is the protrusion and the added glass. The advantage of these windows is the additional space added to your room. However, depending on the area of these windows, you can add an extra space of seven to eight feet to your house.

  1. Understanding “Build Bow/Build Bay.”

The build bow and build bay are the epitome of custom window replacement. These leaders of the window world need not only super window installation skills but also a top-notch engineering knowledge. Having both qualifications allows the contractor to achieve not only building code specifications, but also those of the homeowner. These are projects that need a lot of labour and take two days of continuous working. All the required framing for the bay windows is executed from scratch. Hence the windows can be customized. In regard to this, the price for bay windows is a bit higher than that of standard windows.

As explained above bay and bow windows offer practical advantages to homeowners, not forgetting that they improve the curb appeal of your home. If the location of your home is in the right spot, the disadvantages of these windows can be reduced considerably. Therefore, the plan to have or maintain the bow and bay windows should be thought about very carefully putting special emphasis on your home’s location, your local climate, and your home’s air circulation quality.

How to Select the Right Sliding Doors Toronto for Your Home

If you are planning to do some home renovations or even replace some damaged or worn out structures, one crucial thing you should think of getting replacement is your sliding doors Toronto.

When selecting sliding doors Toronto for your structure, there are various factors that you should factor in. this is important as it helps you make informed decisions that you will be happy with later on. Visit this website to learn about these essential aspects.

  1. Style

The design of the sliding doors Toronto you choose is very important. The style should fit well into your space where it is intended to be installed, improve the look and the feel of your house. Nowadays there are a variety of frames you can choose such as aluminum, fiberglass and steel. Go for the frame that is zero or low maintenance, so you will need to worry about maintain it or protecting it from fading or rot regularly.

  1. Glass Options

Normally we recommend that you choose tempered glass. This glass material doesn’t pose any danger to you when it breaks. However, you are not limited to only this option. There are other options such as laminated glass that offer high noise reduction. It also keeps off dangerous UV rays.

And if you are looking for a more energy efficient home, go for triple or double-pane glass. The vacuum in between the sashes prevent heat transference.

However, if you want a more shaded living room, go for tinted glass. You can choose from a variety of shades available, but make sure you make the right choice from this collection. And if you need a well naturally lit living room, we recommend textured glass.

  1. Functionality

When selecting the right sliding doors Toronto for your house, you should go for a door that is super functional, effortless to operate, and easy to maintain. This implies making sure your door is made using the right materials. Nowadays there are a variety of features added to the doors such as solar screens, blinds, among many other features. It is very possible to find all these features in a single sliding door. Those doors are easy to operate, offer great security and give your home an elegant look.

  1. Aesthetics

Many people spend a great chunk of their time putting their window budget in order. However, they often forget that sliding doors Toronto should look elegant and stylish. When these doors are installed, they should seamlessly fit into their entire style of the structure and where possible, give the house an eye-appealing look. In most cases aesthetics are determined by the material used to manufacture the door and the glass type used. So, it is important to closely look at these two main factors while selecting sliding doors Toronto

In conclusion, sliding patio doors give you an opportunity to enjoy unobstructed view of your backyard and they improve the look of your garden. Ensure you consult a trusted sliding door company for the best sliding door designs in Toronto.